Sasha Romijn

Hi! I'm a developer, public speaker, inclusivity advocate and community organiser. A lot of my work is focused on Python/Django, and that's also my main development platform. I'm passionate about building inclusive communities, technology and conferences, where everyone can feel welcome, valued and at home. I'm also particularly interested in issues around well-being, ethics and empathy in tech.

DashCare is my personal company, from which I do software engineering and project consultancy. My past development projects include anything from network management, to financial monitoring of healthcare, to SaaS platforms.

I often speak at conferences, typically about well-being, ethics, empathy, inclusivity and similar themes. Typically, I speak at almost ten conferences each year and am always interested in new speaking opportunities. I also advise conferences from time to time about Code of Conduct and other inclusivity concerns.

Some of my work

Smaller projects