Sasha Romijn

Writing Python, Django & other things • Community organiser

Hi! I'm a developer and community organiser. A lot of my work is focused on Python/Django, but I do many other things. I work on things ranging from internet automation to supporting a documentarian community. Other than development, I'm also passionate about building inclusive communities, technology and conferences.

Reliably Coded is my personal company, from which I do software engineering and project consultancy. Currently many of my projects center around network management and internet infrastructure, but my past projects include anything from financial monitoring of healthcare, to SaaS platforms.

I often speak at conferences, typically about well-being, ethics, empathy, inclusivity and similar themes. I'm always interested in new speaking opportunities.

Some of my work

  • I am the main developer on Internet Routing Registry daemon v4. IRRd stores information about internet routing, and is used by many network operators to configure filters on their network, along with many other tasks. Originally started as a Python 3 rewrite of IRRDv2, a 20 year old C project, I am now working on expanding this with new features.
  • Next to IRRd, I do other projects in the same area. I designed and built a new version of IRRexplorer, a configuration tool for network operators, and built tooling used for the MANRS project of the Internet Society.
  • I am on the core operations team of Write the Docs since 2018, after volunteering for several years. Write the Docs is a community for documentarians with over 9000 members in Slack and at least three conferences ever year, with over 1000 attendees in total. I work on conference organising, website automation and improvements, support and other responsibilities.
  • Open-Source Happiness Packets is a platform to anonymously reach out to the people that you appreciate or to whom you are thankful in your open-source community. I built this with Mikey Ariel to promote kindness in the Django and other open-source communities. Over 1250 messages have been sent by our users, of which over 125 are publicly available in the archive.
  • I run AS213279, a small network.
  • From 2014 to 2019 I was a member of the Django team and the security team. My last major code contribution was adding flexible built-in password validation - I don't make that much time anymore for code contributions to Django.
  • From 2017 to 2019, I was Vice Chair of the DSF Code of Conduct Committee. This involved handling of CoC reports, but recently I've also worked on making improvements to many of the processes relating to the CoC.
  • Individual member of the Django Software Foundation since 2014.
  • Co-organiser of all three editions of Django: Under the Hood, DjangoCon Europe 2018 and the 2017 and 2018 editions of Write the Docs Prague. My tasks have included local logistics, finances, volunteer coordination, setting up Code of Conduct processes and other inclusivity policies.
  • Chair of the Dutch Django Association, which aims to promote Django and the Django community in The Netherlands by organising events and providing support and funds for events organised by others.
  • Reviewer of older editions of Two Scoops of Django, with a particular focus on security.
  • The Less Obvious Conference Checklist is a checklist of less obvious things for event organisers. This list particularly contains many small improvements that are easily overlooked, but which can significantly improve the conference experience. Especially for marginalised groups.
  • django-restricted-sessions is a small Django middleware that can restrict Django sessions to an IP (range) and/or user agent. This can limit the impact when a session token is compromised.

Work with me

My personal company is Reliably Coded B.V., through which you can hire me to work on your projects. I am interested in a wide range of projects, either focusing on development, advice and consultancy, or training.

You can see some of my recent client work on the Reliably Coded website. Tell me about what you're working on, and let's see if it's a good fit.